The harvest of reference is 2014 and as the last year, we were entrusted with the artistic verve of the 24 students of the class 5°A of Alba High School “Pinot Gallizio” who were called to represent their work with the key word “Michael Schumacker”, because in 2014, the famous pilot of Formula Uno came out of the coma after the serious accident.

The choice of the picture was extremely complex, to the point that four finalist works were chosen and  Francesca Carbone was the winner. 

In March, we presented the tenth label, followed by Francesca Carbone commentary on his picture: “In my painting I wanted to represent Schumacher in the moment following the uncorking of sparkling wine, a symbolic image of victory. The sketches of the foam, made with the white material stand out against the background, creating an effect of volume and vibration of color.”