The harvest of reference is 2015 and as the last year, we were entrusted with the artistic verve of the 21 students of the class 5°A of Alba High School “Pinot Gallizio” who were called to represent their work with the key word “new generations … new aspirations”.

The choice of the design was extremely complex, to the point that four finalist works were chosen and that of Michelle Gallinari was the winner. 

In March, we presented the eleventh label, followed by Michelle Gallinari commentary on his picture: «My aspiration, represented in the picture, is to remain myself despite the pressure of society, which tends to make us all equal; The background is dark and circular, both the circular movement and the color represent modern society, which tries in every way to incorporate people into a vortex, into a mass without form and identity. The figure, central to the canvas, is in a crouched position, since the weight of the society tries to crush it since it is colored, its colors vary from red to yellow. The figure, although compressed under the weight of a society that wants us all the same, remains itself, with its nuances and defects. This is my aspiration».