The harvest of reference is 2013 and as the last year, we were entrusted with the artistic verve of the 23 students of the class 5°A of Alba High School “Pinot Gallizio” who were called to represent their work with the key word “The Union”, because in 2013, Claudia and Beppe married and joined their respective farms. 

The choice of the picture was extremely complex, to the point that four finalist works were chosen and Gaia Davico was the winner. In March, we presented the ninth label, followed by Gaia Davico’s commentary on his picture:

«A chromatic background tied to Langa’s territory highlights in the middle two hands joined by passion and sentiment. They symbolize metaphorically the union of the two cellars “Bricco Maiolica and Castella”, a concept that can be seen also in the roses, five in all, which have a great artistic value as they are a symbol of convivial events and love. The “headshot” is significant to represent the point where everything started.»