This Barbera is very pleasant and easy to drink, its degrees is always 13° C. minimum.

This wine is our traditional Barbera, it is refined in steel tanks for 10 months. It’s a very fruity wine with sensation of currant, bilberry, black cherry, plum and mulberry. This Barbera very velvety, with little acidity, matches well with easy food (pizza, salami, barbecued meat) and soft unripe cheeses. It is ideal with the typical “bagna caöda”.
Best served at 16°C.

Grapes: 100% Barbera
Vineyard: 2 ha vineyard (about 12.000 bottles)
Planted in: 2003
Facing: south–west (350–370 meters above sea level)
Color: Ruby coloured
Perfume: Fruity bouquet with hints of red currant and nectarine
Flavor: Crisp flavour, pleasantly acidulous