The grapes of Chardonnay, belonging to our oldest vineyard, are rich and complex.

Our project started with the harvest 2005, the must ferments in French oak barrels for about 50 days, then, in the same environment the malo-lactic fermentation occurs. After the fermentations, begins the long period of enrichment in dried extracts, in pulp and in the intensity of the taste takes place, throw the weekly batonnages, for 30 months, without racking off. This Chardonnay in pureness is called “Pensiero Infinito”, for the magnum an art label different every vintage, reproducing a painting with themed subject.
We produce each harvest, over the bottles, 1000 magnums numbered in a progressive way from n°1 to n°1000 with a single packaging in wood. Like with shellfish, blue cheese, dry cakes and piedmontese “Bonet”.
Best served at 12/14°C in large glasses to appreciate its finesse, elegance and harmony.

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay
Vineyard: 0,5 ha vineyard (about 3.000 bottles)
Planted in: 1989
Facing: west (340 meters above sea level)
Color: Deep yellow coloured with golden shades
Perfume: Intense bouquet with a scent of tropical fruit and vanilla
Flavor: Elegant and long lasting fruity flavour