This wine is the result of Beppe’s obstinate passion for experimentation: he planted this great Burgundy species of vine right at the top of the Bricco Maiolica vineyard. 

The body and the character of this long-lived wine are surprising as well as its round yet delicate flavour. Its rich body suggests the propensity to ageing in the cellar. It matures slowly, we use little old french barrels, after 3 years it is still very young. It’s perfect with the traditional first courses of Langhe and roasts. It is equally excellent with great international dishes such as terrines, patés, soufflés, fondues and fish with tomatoes and olives.
Best served at 16°C in large glasses to appreciate its elegance and its refinement.

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
Vineyard: 1 ha vineyard (about 4.000 bottles)
Planted in: 1993
Facing: east (360–380 meters above sea level)
Color: Garnet red coloured
Perfume: Rich bouquet, with a scent of berries and vanilla
Flavor: Round fine flavour, with hints of wood Underneath