From 2006 here is the “Tris”, a red wine which fills, from a commercial point of view, the missing link for tasters and consumers who love those wines which have different organoleptic features and who look for rounder wines.

“Tris” is a blend of Barbera and Dolcetto refined in steel tanks and Merlot which makes fermentation in tanks of the same kind and which ages for 9 months in 225L French oak barrels, used for the second and third time. The “Tris” is bottled during the August following the grape harvest. This wine is harmonious, soft, round, lasting in taste and fruity, with a flavour of cassis, plum, violet and small wild fruits, mixed with a light final taste of vanilla. It is a certainly very attractive wine to be sold in wine bar. It is perfect with happy hours, appetizers and with the simple but of good quality food.
Best served at 16°C.

Grapes: A blend of Barbera 40%, Dolcetto 30% and Merlot 30%
Vineyard: 2 ha vineyard (about 8.000 bottles)
Area: Produced in the borough of Diano d’Alba, in our vineyards
Perfume: Harmonious, soft, round and fruity with hints of cassis, plum, violet, wild fruits and vanilla