The Bricco Maiolica vineyard is located between the borough of Diano d’Alba and the borough of Alba. The Vigna Vigia vineyard, in the borough of Alba, presents the best characteristics for Barbera d’Alba.

This Barbera, make in small oak barrels becomes round and velvety in flavour, with no acid aftertaste. The fragrance of fruits and vanilla given by the oak barrels combines with the wine’s strong body to produce new, opulent flavours. This Barbera is excellent with rich meat dishes, such as the typical mixed boiled meats. It is equally a good match with fat, soft-ripened cheeses.
Best served at 16°C in a wide-mouthed wine glass to reveal the complexity of its bouquet and flavour.

Grapes: 100% Barbera
Vineyard: 2 ha vineyard (about 8.000 bottles)
Planted in: 1974 and 2000
Facing: south (330–350 meters above sea level)
Color: Deep ruby coloured, with garnet red shades
Perfume: Crisp bouquet with hints of plum and vanilla
Flavor: Full flavour, very soft, with good balance and hints of wood underneath